Three ways a Chipped tooth Can Be Fixed

Now, chipping teeth is never fun. Most of us will chip a tooth at some point of our lives. The constant wear in an area that is there can actually reduce the enamel and weaken it until it finally breaks off. Here are also those moments where you might bite down on a hard piece of food incorrectly or be involved in something where you break your teeth. Now, whatever the reason might be, there are a few options that can be used, and we’ll discuss the three best ways to help with fixing a chipped tooth.

Now, the first is dental bonding, which you can talk to your Eagle Rock dentist about. This will depend on the extent of the damage, and how visible the issue is when your smile. If you’re only missing a small part of it, or if the chip is on a front tooth, do consider a dental bonding. This takes only one visit, and it’s often also called a filling, since it’ fills the enamel with a resin. This is a quick and painless procedure that doesn’t require a numbing. The chipped area is etched so that the bonding material is adhered securely. Once applied the resin is shaped on top of it to blend with the tooth and restore the shape. Then, a UV light hardens the material, and the procedure is done.

Then there are crowns. These are for larger chipped, teeth with significant decay, or chips on the molars that might require this. Essentially, this is a cap that covers the entire root. They are made to last a long time and they are made out of either metal, porcelain fused with metal, ceramic, or resin. Often, the dentist can tell you which one is best for your needs, especially in regards to location, and the cost. It takes about two visits for this, and you might need to have a root canal to build up the root so that it can support this. You’ll get a few x-rays taken, and some of the extra tooth will be removed. The impressions of the tooth will be done, and then you’ll get a temporary crown while the permanent one is made. During the second visit, you get the permeant one, and they will all line up seamlessly.

Finally, there are porcelain veneers, which is an option for front teeth, and if you do want to have a more even smile, this is definitely one to choose. These are typically thin porcelain shells that cover the front of the teeth with a section that fills in the chipped portion of this. A single veneer actually can repair the chip on the tooth, or you can get multiple ones that will completely restore your smile. In just two visits to the office, these can repair the chipped teeth, but also help with gaps, crooked or stained teeth, and it can even make your bite a lot better as well.

How these work are super simple. In the first visits, you get a layer of your enamel removed to accommodate the veneer. The teeth will be color-matched, and you’ll get some temporary veneers put on. Then, when the second visit happens, the temporaries are removed, and then the permanent ones are put on, with cement that is then bonded by UV light. It’s a simple procedure, but take into consideration the fact that often these are for cosmetic reasons, so often, this means that you might have to pay more for it.

With all of these, you should talk to your Eagle Rock dentist about this. A chipped tooth can make your smile look of, but depending upon how deep it is, and if there is decay, it might be important to have it fixed up immediately, whatever the case might be, and whatever reason the teeth might have gotten chipped, it’s an important situation that you should consider fixing right away. You owe it to yourself to have the best smile that you can, and you’ll be able to do so easily without too many issues by seeing your dentist, and getting the best care you can.


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